Book Review : The Mahabharata Secret

So, I got reading after a while. Well not after a while coz I keep reading here and there. But yeah, a fiction book after a while. This is what I thought.

The book did not stick out as different or gripping. It’s your pretty standard Indiana Jones script. It was very predictable right from White being Murphy ( spoiler alert ) and Radha and Vijay falling in Love. Pretty standard stuff. The only marks it will be getting from my side will be for the history research. That too very little.

The book starts off with the murder of a nuclear scientist, whose nephew, Vijay, comes back from America ( Duh! ) to solve the mystery around it. He also gets emails from his uncle about a secret from the time of Ashoka relating to Mahabharata that needs to be protected. Eventually he solves the clues in his uncle’s emails and with the help of a scholar old guy who is good at old languages ( perfect! ), an athletic friend ( nice! ) and the old guy’s daughter ( lovely! ) he’s able to track the secret down. With terrorists from LeT and AlQaeda on Vijay’s trail, you have the perfect recipe for an adventure novel.

But unfortunately, the story writing falls short of expectations. There are some weird events thrown in here and there which don’t really go with the plot. Out of place humor between Colin and Vijay adds to the “wtf?” effect. The only thing that gripped me was the history part; when the author goes back to ancient times and writes about a secret brotherhood, the lost chapter of Mahabharata and ancient warfare technology.

My rating : 1.5 out of 5
For : A bit of interesting history
Against : Predictable, Hollywood-ish, zero-thrill