Books I bought at India Book Fair 2020

This was due since I don’t know how long. The promise I made myself a decade ago that once I start making a good earning, I’ll buy books worth Rs. 10,000 from the book fair. Yea, I was that crazy about collecting books. Collecting, not reading.

Anyhow, I managed to spend roughly 5K of the promised 10K on books from India Book Fair 2020. I decided to go on a week day to avoid crowds. It turned out to be a cold and wet day, but I was slightly excited nonetheless. A nice little, “Running late for office” message was sent to the office group and I asked Google maps to navigate me to Pragati Maidan metro station. Once I parked my rickety old WagonR in the metro station parking lot and headed for the Pragati Maida gates, thankfully there was not a lot of crowd. In fact a little below expectation which made me question, “Are book fairs still popular or that time is long gone along with my childhood?” But once I entered one of the exhibition halls, there were a lot of people.

I tried to visit every stall, but there were just too many. I wanted to scan every book on display, but there were a lot of them. I wanted to spend time in every stall, but there was just too less time. I realized this when I ended up spending about an hour in the first stall itself. As I entered by 4th publisher stall, my hands were already aching with the weight of books I had already bought. Damn, I wish the organizers provided some kind of a shopping cart? I don’t know how many people realize this but more than 4-5 books can get really heavy.

Ok, so here are the list of books I bought.

  1. And the Mountains Echoed – Khaled Hosseini
    Wanted to read this since long
  2. Burnt Shadows – Kamila Shamsie
    The description on the back caught my attention
  3. The court of Owls
    Whoa! A batman novel
  4. Good Motoring – H.Kishie Singh
    Following up on my passion for driving and cars, I couldn’t let go a dedicated book on it.
  5. Yudhisthira – The unfallen Pandava
    For the love of Hindu Mythology
  6. Nanasense
    Looks like a good read
  7. White Fang – Jack London
    I have read Jack London before and the way he writes stories around the harsh snow landscapes is just amazing.
  8. India – Early History
    If you’ve read “Sapiens” before, the first few chapters on how humans evolved is so intriguing. I am hoping this book sheds more light on India specific early human tribes.
  9. Mahabharata – AmarChitraKatha set of three books
    I am big fan of AmarChitraKatha and used to read their books as a kid. I bought these solely for Nostalgia.
  10. Stories from Bapu’s life
    The theme of this year’s book fair was Mahatma Gandhi, so why not.
  11. Mir Space Station
    I hoping to relish a space based fantasy story from this one.
  12. Everest – My journey to the top
  13. My journey to the magnetic north pole
    I am looking for a nice adventure through snow from both of the above
  14. Gautam Buddha
    Want to gift this to Aparna, who’s a big fan
  15. Social life of plants
    This one talks about how plants and trees communicate with each other. Sounds rather interesting.
  16. Random Curiosity.
    I have literally no idea why I bought this one.
  17. Raavnputr Meghnad
    This book had a quite a few posters and was being promoted heavily for some reason. Had to buy it.



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