Book Review : The Mahabharata Quest – The Alexander Secret

book cover

Ok. So this book is a sequel to┬áthe The Mahabharata Secret. But belonging to a different series. ( of three books ? ) And yeah it’s better.

The first few chapters of the book are really captivating. Gradually, though, the reader will be able to relate to the author’s style of writing from his previous book. A little over the top, filmy, very similar to Dan Brown, only less thrilling. The plot jumps are a little jerky. It’s starts resembling a Hollywood action movie of the 2000s era. ( Helicopters , explosions, secret medical facilities ) New, yet a little deja vu. It also sometimes feels like the book had undergone a lot of editing. Some of the events have been fast forwarded, while some of them have been painstakingly described in detail. ( the retrovirus infecting the bacteria process ) But still this one was much better than the previous book. I actually enjoyed it, considering that it was this author’s second novel.

Full marks for the history references. The way Alexander’s journey to India and back has been reimagined and linked to the Mahabharata tales, is really impressive. Since, it involves Indian myths and legends, I personally enjoyed reading it and was able to relate to it much more than say ‘The Lost Symbol’ with American Stone Masonry as it’s plot base.

My Rating : 2.5 out of 5
For : History references and reimagined explanations ( samudramanthan )
Against : Weird editing. No emotional connect. Jerky plots.