[typerush] Upgraded framework

So in the latest change-set, I’ve upgraded our framework CodeIgniter to 3.0.4. Wasn’t hard since the custom code footprint was relatively small and nothing was changed in the core files.

Next I want to complete the multiplayer part as soon as possible. Before that some challenges, that I can see are:

  1. How would someone keep track of all the rooms that he has been in
  2. What happens when a user exits a room. Do we save the room data? If yes, then how is that accessible.
  3. Need a proper sanity process of the real time feature so that nothing is breaking.

Also in my list are some infra changes

  1. Doing JS and CSS versioning during deployment.
  2. Keeping environment related config items separate from the common config items.

There are some feature addons as well :

  1. A performance card at the end of every run.
  2. An option to mark a track as difficult or easy.
  3. The progress meter to be based on characters instead of words.
  4. Better UI

Security Measures:

  1. Applying continuous sync with server to prevent hacking of score.
  2. Setting a max value for speed, just to make sure data does not get corrupt.