[typerush] A new beginning

This is the first post of many to come in the TypeRush Series. In here, I’ll be writing on my learnings and logs of developing typerush.com as a product.

I’ll be trying to use the three step production development cycle : build, measure, learn. I’ll try to focus on things that matter instead of building a “complete” product. I’ll need help in getting feedback and am not sure at this stage how I am gonna do that.

What prompted the development of this product?
I think seeing someone keying into the computer at high speeds leaves me impressed. I wanted to be like them; to be able to type superfast. When a friend introduced me to typeracer.com during college, I was pretty much addicted. I wanted to create a better version of the same.

Who is the target audience?
At this point, typing enthusiasts is what I’ll say. Ideally, everyone who has working on a computer as part of their daily job routine. And kids and teenagers who have a gaming instinct and like to measure themselves against others.

What problem are you trying to solve?
At present it’s just a game. In the next phase, I want it to help people type better and faster.

If you want to take a pilot run at the current product, hop on to http://www.typerush.com

Type Rush